About Us

retirementheldhostage.com is a financial blog that grew in its following from the heartfelt words of creator Nawt Mae. He felt the pressures of gaining financial independence and worried about the rising living costs, and started seeking out good life insurance plans and policies to amass and form a solid retirement nest.

retirementheldhostage.com is connected to over 10 insurance companies and brings to you updated information on existing plans, as well as share and reveal on key features of new insurance products.

retirementheldhostage.com understands that retirement planning is by no means an easy route to plan out. retirementheldhostage.com shares with you insurance plans that safeguard, enhance and allow you to envision a retirement you truly want and deserve.

Nawt Mae was a white collar worker who felt the pressures of the bills, and keeping the roof over his head last till his golden years. He enjoys a good game of chess in his free time, and feels the strategies of a game of chess is indeed a metaphor to the various financial steps and decisions of one’s life, to reaching that eventual checkmate.

Connect with Nawt at admin@retirementheldhostage.com – be it for a cup of coffee over a discussion of insurance options, or just a good game of chess. Or better still, both.

Nawt herre, Nawt Mae